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"The Creative Will"

1995-1996 Grey Art Gallery & Study Center New York University NYC

Curatorial Essay: exerpt on Myra Brooklyn by Thomas W. Sokolowski

"Brooklyn-born, N.Y.C , Munich-based Myra Brooklyn´s Self Portrait, 1994 becomes a tabletop landscape of her own physiognomy, constructed out of the technological detritus of the 21st century microprocessing hardware which hides rather than reveals, the artist takes perverse delight in the Rube Goldberg-like wiring of her nervous system which, obviously, can go easily haywire by the mere disconection of a plug, a sober metaphor for physical dysfunction. Yet, the lightbulb which surmounts the sculpture and belies its frailty recalls another traditional symbol which equates a shining light source with wisdom and creativity. Coupled with the persistent inflation/deflation of the plastic lung sac wheezing along almost inaudibly, forcing the viewer to view "in" rather than "at", Self Portrait can be read as the fulcrum around which the entire exhibition turns."

The New York Biennial of Glass 1994

Robert Lehman Gallery Urban Glass

Curator: John Perreault

"myra miller brooklyn has taken some classes at urban glass in the past but is primarily a sculptor, printmaker, and installation artist. her love of glass permeate her work, but it is no mean the center of it--that center is primarily a dark but sometimes delicate expressionism. myra miler brooklyn is the most extreme; a hair dryer, a plastic bag, bells, a mousetrap and a missile timer are some of the materials in her self-portrait."
Self portrait
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